Submission Guidelines :

International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts (IJILA) seeks research articles, case studies, book reviews, literature, reviews, review papers, short-communications, etc. in the areas of language, linguistics, literature, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, philosophy, geography, ethics, cross-cultural studies, gender studies, public administration, education, social work, fine arts, performing arts, journalism and mass communication, management, Indic studies, and other associated disciplines. IJILA accepts only well-written and well-documented unpublished manuscripts round the year.

All the manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word (Word Document or Rich text format) type and submitted via e-mail: by mentioning the name of the first author in the subject line.

The submission of manuscript can also be made through article upload option available on the homepage of  IJILA. Subsequent to your submission, if you do not get receiving notice within 24 hours, you kindly report it via email:


  • Normally, IJILA acknowledges the receiving of any manuscript within 24 hours via email to the author(s).
  • After receiving the manuscript, IJILA sends it to the reviewers who are specialized in TESOL and applied linguistics with at least five years of teaching and research experience.
  • IJILA takes about two to three weeks to forward review comments to the respective author(s).
  • IJILA does not reveal the identity of authors to reviewers during the entire review process.
  • Subsequent to receiving review comments and feedback from the reviewers, IJILA consults its editorial board to ascertain whether the manuscript can be published as a journal article or not. If a manuscript is approved to be published as an article, the respective authors will be informed of the acceptance with a possible publication date. If a manuscript is rejected or advised to be modified, the authors are given adequate reasons for rejection or modification.
  • After getting an acceptance letter from IJILA, authors are finally advised to complete copyrights formality by completing and signing the copyrights form and sending it to IJILA along with the final version of the manuscript.

Plagiarism Guidelines :

IJILA allows the use of first person ‘I’ to address seemingly valid hypotheses. IJILA runs an authentication tool to ensure whether the manuscript has traces of plagiarism or self-plagiarism. If a manuscript is found to have more than 50% plagiarized contents IJILA reserves the right of rejecting the manuscripts. In the case of self-plagiarism, IJILA allows, as per international norms, only 40% of self-plagiarised contents provided the contents are contextually well-cited and the final work is in continuation with the previous work or elaboration of the previous work.

Factors for Publication :

The topic should be relevant to the ongoing trends in the Liberal Arts and Humanities. The article should be innovative in terms of empirical findings and well-written in line with the authors’ guidelines. The literature review should be informative and well-contextualized in terms of imbibing the findings of contemporary research and researchers. The article should employ pertinent and justified components of research methodology and easy-to-read language. Maximum length of manuscript including abstract (150 words), bibliography, and appendices should not exceed 5000 words.

Formatting Guidelines :

  • A manuscript should begin with title of the paper centrally placed with 16 font size.
  • Name(s) of Author(s), affiliation, and contact details should be centrally placed with 12 font size in bold face. International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts does not publish email addresses of authors.
  • A manuscript should have an abstract of maximum 150 words with 10 font size.
  • International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts accepts maximum five keywords.
  • International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts allows only five main headings, i.e. Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, and References. These five headings need to written with 14 font size placed on left side.
  • All paragraphs under the aforementioned five main headings should be single-spaced separated by double carriage returns.
  • International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts accepts up to three layers of subheadings, e.g. 1.1 xxxxx, 1.1.1 xxxxx, in boldface and italic respectively with 12 font size.
  • International Journal of Innovations in Liberal Arts suggests top and bottom margins of 2.54 cm and left and right margins of 3.17 cm.
  • International Journal 0f Innovations in Liberal Arts does not encourage footnotes.
  • International Journal 0f Innovations in Liberal Arts allows acknowledgments and brief biographical intro with colour photo of the author(s).
  • Table title should be placed above the table with 10 font size as shown below.

Table-1. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
23 23 42
25 22 23
12 11 10
Unlike table, figure title or caption should be centrally placed below the figure as shown below.

Referencing References should be written in 10 font size at the end of the paper in APA format